Osho Silence valley

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“There is no greater ecstasy than to know who you are.”

Active Meditations

“Meditate, love, dance, sing, celebrate here with me, and the ugliness will disappear. Bring something higher into yourself, and the lower will be forgotten.”

Dynamic Meditation

My system of dynamic meditation starts with breathing because breathing has deep roots in the being…

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini is the original source of all life, but you are cut off from it in so many ways...

Mandala Meditation

Meditation makes you innocent, it makes you children. In that state, miracles are possible...

Nataraj Meditations

“Meditation is the only real alchemy…. Once you have reached your center of being...

No-Dimensions Meditation

Enlightenment will be now the beginning, not the end...

Nadabrahma Meditation

A man lives in slavery without meditation because he lives unconsciously He lives like a robot...

Gourishankar Meditation

MEDITATION is nothing but enjoying your beautiful aloneness.

Meditative Therapies

“Die each moment so that you are renewed each moment.”

Mystic Rose

Man is born as a seed. To accept the seed as your life is the greatest mistake one can commit….

Born Again

“Death is not against life; it does not end life, it only brings life to a beautiful peak...

No Mind

Mind is your prison. No- mind is your freedom...